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Get to know the World Stock Index and Its Impact on the Market

The world stock index is a statistical measure in which it summarizes changes in all existing stock prices or it could be certain groups or companies, which will later show their statistics whether they go up or down, if the shares owned by that company go up then the existing index will also go up, meanwhile if the stock goes down then the index will also go down as evidenced in the market.

This index cannot lie in displaying the statistics of a company or a group that is experiencing a decline and also an increase in its shares so that this index becomes a tool or a must in the capital market, so that everyone can calculate where the market is going and which stocks investors should buy. , so this index is very important for buying and selling stocks.

Get to know the World Stock Index and Its Impact on the Market

The world stock index must always be monitored

By monitoring the world stock index, we can find out where the opportunities will come even if we can analyze it, it will definitely affect stocks in Indonesia because after all, the world index will still be a reference for all existing markets, so you won't lose anything if you monitor the index of the world, because it will be very useful for you.

Until now, the leading stock market still comes from the American index, how come there are lots of big companies that really dominate the world, here are the United States stock exchanges that you should know:

#1. S&P 500 stock index

Is an index that summarizes 500 companies that have large capital, so not all capital market companies can enter here, there are several requirements and criteria to be able to enter this index, the value of the company must be 3.8 M USD and must also be in America , besides that they also have to own the shares that are traded, always report profits and gains from the previous year.

#2. Dow jones industrial average

The Dow Jones or DJIA for short is an index that summarizes 30 companies in the industry that are already large, of course, apart from that there is also an overall economic index in America displayed here, so this index is the index that is most interested in and visited by people because it covers the entire world stock index, there is a lot of company data that has been entered into it, it's just that it always changes over time.

#3. Nasdaq composite

This index is often shortened to the NASDAQ, so here you can see data on price changes from top to bottom, and what's great is that they display companies outside America so all companies have a chance, as long as they meet the requirements, the company will enter.

Those are the three world stock indexes that you can use as a reference and continue to monitor, so you don't miss any information later, because stock values ​​are not only influenced by stock index values, in fact there are many factors that affect stock prices in this world, there is also what is called the JCI. namely to measure how big their portfolio is on the stock market, from this we only mention the big picture, not in detail because we are afraid that some parties will be harmed later.
Benefits of world stock index

In fact, the existence of a world stock index has really helped us all in seeing where stocks are going today and how stocks will run tomorrow, and indeed the most important use of an index is to measure the market and also its sentiment, then this index has uses for portfolios that active, and the last one is that this index can measure and model the type of return or even the current risk performance whether in the stock market or not.

And those are some explanations about the world stock index which is still simple. There is still a lot of material that can be extracted from this index. You just need to look for more reliable references.

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